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Lake Hills is Dedicated to Player Developement

PGA Head Golf Professional
Renzi R. Lee, PGA

Lessons/Coaching Rates

Member                             $60
Non-Member                      $75
Junior                                 $20
Group Sessions (per person)
Lake Hills Golf Billings, MT

About Coaching Sessions

Sessions Can Explore Any Aspect of the Game. Such as:
On The Green
Around The Green
Full Swing
Playing The Course
Distance Control

Coaching sessions are booked at 30 minute intervals. Time allotment may vary.

Equipment and practice balls, for new golfers, are included. Beginning students are encouraged to explore aspects of golf that most interest them. A general introductory progression, set by the PGA Professional, is available.

Lake Hills Golf Billings, MT
Lake Hills Golf Billings, MT
Phone: 406-252-9244

Renzi Lee Winner of the 2017 PGA Youth Player Development Award!

Renzi Lee Recognized By The PGA Rocky Mt Section


Recently announced, Renzi is the 2017 recipient of the

“Youth Player Development Award.” This Award bestows special

recognition upon a PGA Professional who has displayed

extraordinary and exemplary contribution and achievement in this field.


Congratulations to Renzi for this special recognition! Renzi leads

Lake Hills’ player development effort. As we know Renzi does not

lack enthusiasm in teaching someone to play golf. It is with

his enthusiasm, especially with junior golfers (First Tee or PGA

Jr League) preparing individuals for life-time involvement in

the game of golf. We hope that Lake Hills golfers are as enthused as

we are (ownership) with Renzi’s recognition.

Renzi, enjoy this special recognition.



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